Understanding the reusability of the recyclable materials, we are dealing with all kinds of plastic scrap be it hard plastic, soft plastic, HDPE, or any other form of plastic. We are the major plastic scrap dealers and buyers in Indore, India. Our specialized mechanism of crushing and grinding each type separately produces some really efficient and strong output that can be again used in the manufacturing of plastic goods both for industrial and household requirements.

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We are currently dealing with the following scrap categories:
  • Plastic
  • Shoes
  • Hard Plastic
  • Cables
  • Household Plastic
  • Mix Plastic
Our process involves these simple steps for processing plastic wastes to produce highly durable products.

Collection of scrap – Our dedicated network of scrap suppliers collects all kinds of plastic scraps from around central India and supplies it to our treatment plant in Indore, MP.

Sorting of different varieties – Once the scrap is deposited in our plant, it is sorted according to the kind of plastic, color, weight, and other properties.

Grinding and Crushing – After the detailed sorting of materials, it is put into the grinders and crushers to form small fillings and pieces for easy handling.

Granules Formation – The small pieces are then melted over a high temperature and are converted into plastic granules of very small sizes

New product formation – Once the granules are ready, it is utilized in the formation of various products suitable for both industrial and household usage.

List of scraps
PET bottle
LD Patta
White PP Gr.
Rangeen Fugga Gr.
Natural Fugga Gr.
Paraschute Gr.
Rangeen PP Gr.
Black Carrot
PVC pipe
Rangeen PP Kadi
Yellow PP
White Fugga Gr.
Yellow Fugga Gr.
Red+White Kursi Gr.
Rangeen Kursi
Polythin Gr.
Natural PP Gr.
Rubber Sole
Kacchi-Pakki Plat
Angur Nali
Computer Panni
Blue Drum
PVC Cable
Pani Kadak
Hara Pipe Gr.
Kasta Gr.
Blue Kasta Gr.
Carrot Khada
HDPE White Granules
Black Drum Wash
Black Drum unwash
PP Bottle
LD Bottle
Mix Kadak
Water Nali
Black Jali Gatta
Mix Batthen
Yellow HDPE Granules
PP Granules
PPCP Granules
Bhara Vayar
Kachra Sole
PP+PP CP Gatta
PP Battery
Black PP
Black PP Gr.
Water Nali Gr.
Black HDPE Granules
Colored PP Granules
Dhaga Nali, Gnali, PNK, GNK, ING, Babua, Saf B, Brush etc.